BoomerWarrior – How It All Got Started

BoomerWarrior — how it all got started….

BoomerWarrior logoBoomerWarrior is a website/blog focusing on climate change, the most critical issue of our times. I initiated this project when I came to the realization that no one out there was coming to save us from the ravages of a warming planet.

For the longest time I hoped that our governments — our world leaders —  could and would find the climate solutions that would ensure the survival of future generations. Or maybe there will be a technological fix, the silver bullet. But I was naive and I was wrong. How could I not have seen this before?

Hanging on to hope is not a strategy nor is it a plan. Hope is failing us. It has been said that hope is the rope on which we hang, leaving us paralyzed. It just allows us to carry on what we’ve been doing for decades – deferring solutions to someone else sometime in the future. Hope simply passes the buck to our kids and grandkids — we’ve created the problems but you find the solutions. Best of  luck!

Finding the Truth About Climate Change

I needed to seek the truth, however disconcerting, inconvenient or troubling it might be. And yes the truth about climate change can be terrifying. And for many it can be crippling. But for me, truth is liberating and motivating. It has lit a burning desire to do something about the plight of our world.

BoomerWarrior  allows me to dialogue, to share my opinions, to scream for change and assume my responsibility for ensuring a better future for my children and grandchildren. I owe them that much. That will be my legacy.

BoomerWarrior is the perfect name for the Blog. I’m a Baby Boomer and now a Warrior outraged by the kind of world we’ve created.

With BoomerWarrior, I add my voice to the millions of others who are doing what they can to improve the plight of humanity – individuals, associations, NGOs, researchers, climatologists, scientists, mindful politicians (and yes there are a few), social workers, activists, environmentalists, social workers and many more.

BoomerWarrior is About:

  1. Raising Awareness to the vast challenges we face;
  2. Coming to Our Senses;
  3. Creating a Sense of Urgency to galvanize people into positive activism;
  4. Resisting the forces of denial, complacency, apathy and inaction, and
  5. Provoking change.

I welcome all of you who wish to follow BoomerWarrior and provide feedback and input.  You can comment on posts, subscribe to the site, read the Newsletter or become a blogger.

Welcome to BoomerWarrior. It’s for You!

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climate ironyRolly Montpellier is the Founder and Managing Editor of BoomerWarrior.Org. He’s a Climate Activist and a blogger. He’s a member of 350.Org (Ottawa), Climate Reality Canada and Citizens’ Climate Lobby (Ottawa). Rolly has been published widely in both print and online publications. You can follow him on FacebookTwitterLinkedin and Pinterest. masthead