Why Am I Still Struggling?

stop struggling 2Pain and struggle reflect a resistance to ‘what is.’ And, of course, what we resist persists, as the old saying goes. Until we see our path as a gift and bless it, until we love it for what is has taught us, we will continue to struggle.

Most of us suffer when we argue with ‘what is’. We fixate on ‘should’ to our own detriment. “This should not be happening to me; that other path should be my experience,” we cry out in anguish.

Who is brilliant enough to figure out what else should be happening other than what is actually happening? What should that look like? Would it be in our best interest? The thing that is happening is what is needed to get us to a place where we can be in bliss and walk our talk.

So many people, women especially, want to help others. We are natural caregivers. To do this from a place of integrity we need to know the way out of the briar patches of life by first hand experience. Spirit says:

You forget that you are an energy vibration and, like a magnet, attract what you least want by your powerful imagination, your focus on the problem, and your struggle to get out of  quicksand of your life’s experiences.

You can equally attract what you do want, but sometimes what you want is in the fog. You are not sure and are of  two minds. One minute you want this to be your experience and the next you want that. You change your mind because you are unsure of the outcome and fear gets in the way. This is the quicksand that drags you under.

Many of you have been struggling for years , blaming the outside world for your problems. This third dimension reality seems so real to you that to live any other way is foreign to you.

There is another way, and it will take trust and walking your talk one step at a time to prove it to yourself. When you do, you can help other people find their way. First it takes letting go of what other people have taught you. Outside influences are also influence and are not to be trusted. Knowledge is passed from one generation to another and no one questions its truth.

It took one or two people in the sixteenth century to question the belief about the earth being flat to eventually change that thinking for the whole world. Many beliefs are not even common sense , but because grandma and grandpa believed it, and their parents before them believed it, the reasoning is that it must be true. Question your long-held beliefs.

How do you stop struggling? Give up the thinking that you know it all. Many of you go about with a lot of head knowledge but when you are tried by some event, you fall apart. Do you think I have hid Myself from you when you are in a problem? No. I am here, waiting to be acknowledged, waiting to hear your call.

Say what it is you want and leave the rest – all your fears and all your trying to figure it out – to Me. It is best to be in an ‘I don’t know’ place where you say, “I don’t know how to get what I want. I don’t know how to solve this problem. Please show me how.”

Do not make excuses, claiming that you don’t have time, you have responsibilities, you don’t have enough money, you may disappoint people, etc. These excuses can evaporate like dewdrops in the sun when they are left in My hands. And, above all, do not second guess yourself and change your mind. Doubt is a contagious disease that can kill your dreams. Your desires and your dreams are in your heart because I put them there. Did I make a mistake with you? Did I change My Mind about you? Never! That has been your job, your doing. Quit this job and join forces with Me.

Remember, I love you unconditionally. I withhold no good thing from you. Give up the struggle. Move into action at my direction. Follow My lead and watch miracles happen.

So be it, and so it is.



Pat Kammer, author of Love's Voice Changes YouiPat Kammer is a Spiritual counsellor/trance therapist, a Body/Mind workshop facilitator, an artist and a teacher of A Course In Miracles.

She is a great grand-mother with plenty of experience and wisdom to draw upon. One who looks at the world and the people in it differently then the status quo.

Her book, Love’s Voice Changes You, is proof that the wisdom comes from a higher place within her that she taps into on a regular basis and this wisdom flows out onto the pages, daily and weekly in what she calls. Pat’s Patters.


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